February 3, 2023

Ogun TRACE warn drivers not to transport Containers Filled With Petrol in Cars

Drivers operating in Ogun State have been warned to recede from transporting in their cars containers filled with petrol due to the ongoing fuel scarcity.

The Commander of the Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Agency (TRACE),Seni Ogunyemi, stated this while addressing newsmen in Abeokuta, saying it has dire consequences.

He added that it is risky for motorists especially commercial bus and taxi drivers to drive around with petrol in jerry cans inside their booths and on passenger seats, though scarcity of fuel in the nation has resulted in queues at filling stations across Ogun.

“As the Ember Months peak and the dry season sets in, keeping fuel in jerry cans and bottles while in transit may speed up havoc of immense proportion.”

The TRACE boss described the situation as unfortunate while empathising with the motoring public on the prolonged queues at filling station.

“I urge motorists to maintain order at filling stations to reduce the traffic gridlock being experienced in several parts of the state, particularly in the Abeokuta metropolis.

He concluded that “TRACE operatives had been directed to assist motorists whose vehicles break down on the road due to insufficient fuel.”

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