February 27, 2024

CAN Urge Youths To Resist The Attempts To Sell Votes

The Christian Association of Nigeria has called on youths to resist the temptation to sell their votes and be determined in the upcoming general elections.

The Secretary General, Mr. Joseph Daramola, CAN Youth Wing FCT chapter, made the call at a mega youth conference in Abuja on Sunday.

Daramola said Nigerian youths were battered psychologically and emotionally hence, they are itching to do the right things amidst the fear of unknown. That every political party had the right to choose whoever they wanted as running mate, same faith or not.

“That is why we are encouraging all youths to be determined. If anybody wants to bribe you, say no! If anybody wants you to sell your vote, say no!

“You have the right to make sure you do what you need to do and be courageous about it,” he said.

“The only thing as Christians and youth leaders is that we just have to urge our people to go out and vote their conscience.”

He also expresse optimism that INEC had assured that all votes would count, therefore, people should get their PVCs and cast their votes for whoever they feel would move Nigeria forward.

The Chairman CAN Youth Wing FCT chapter in FCT, Mr. Chike Egolum , said that he supported a balanced ticket.

He said CAN was against any offer of inducement just to gain their support, adding that the organisation was impartial and objective.

Egolum stated that politics was not dirty as many people have tagged it, if people with good heart participated.

He added that if people participated in politics as good christians and muslims, the field of politics would be sanitised.

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