June 15, 2024

Peaceful Co-existence: Ex-NOA Director Urges Tinubu to Curb Religious Intolerance

For a more peaceful co-existence in the country. The former Director of the National Orientation Agency, Mr David Dogo, has called on the incoming administration of Bola Tinubu to tackle the issue of religious intolerance.


Dogo made the call at an interactive session on ‘Culture, peace and national rebirth: An agenda setting’, organised by the National Council for Arts and Culture in Abuja.


He presented a paper entitled: ‘Engendering religious tolerance for national unity.’


In his statement, “Given the experiences of the 2023 general election, Nigerians expect that tackling the issue of religious intolerance will be a top priority for the incoming administration comes May 29.


“Without curbing religious intolerance and enthroning the culture of religious, ethnic and political tolerance, our quest for true democracy, good governance and national development will continue to be a mirage.


“This will continually threaten the peaceful co-existence in Nigeria,” Dogo said.

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