February 28, 2024

Ogun State Police Warn Criminals to Leave or Face Consequences

Ogun State Police Command Launches "See Something, Say Something" Campaign

Ogun State Police Command Launches "See Something, Say Something" Campaign



The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, has issued a stern warning to criminals and their sponsors in the state. Speaking at a press conference held at the State Police headquarters, Alamutu declared that the state will no longer be conducive for criminals and that the Command is determined to take the battle to their doorsteps. He added that the Command has opened its amnesty door for those lured into joining secret cults and other criminal gangs.

Alamutu emphasized that criminals in the state have the option to either turn a new leaf or relocate from the state. Failure to choose one of the two, they will meet their waterloo. He said the Command was aware that some people were lured into cultism without knowing the implication, hence the Command has opened a window of amnesty to such people, advising them to renounce their membership of these groups and surrender all arms and ammunition in their custody.

He gave them one month grace period to do so, starting from yesterday, July 11, 2023, as there is going to be a total clamp down on all known and unknown cultists, who are perpetrating heinous crimes in the state.

The Commissioner of Police also highlighted the recent achievements of the Command, including the arrest of notorious cultists, Francis Okere, 39, who is a member of Aye cult group in Kemta Road, Abeokuta. Other arrested cultists include 23-year-old Ogunkoya Olayinka, 33-year-old Awotungase Samson, and 20-year-old Abalo Ayomide in Batoro area, Sagamu, who were all members of Eiye Confraternity cult group.

The Commissioner of Police urged the public to support the Command in its efforts to rid the state of criminal elements and ensure the safety and security of all residents.

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