February 28, 2024

Governor Dapo Abiodun Unveils Official Portrait for Second Tenure, Calls for Unity in Government Offices 



By: Ashe


In a move to foster unity and promote a sense of oneness among the people of Ogun state, Governor Dapo Abiodun took to his official X (formerly Twitter) handle to unveil his official portrait for his second tenure as governor. The governor’s decision to display the portrait in various government ministries, departments, agencies, parastatals, and other offices throughout the state aims to create a cohesive environment. With the official portrait now available for download from the Governor’s and State Government’s authorized social media accounts, it will be easily accessible to all.


The unveiling of the official portrait follows Governor Abiodun’s recent initiative to introduce a gas-powered public transport system, converting the state’s wifi-enabled buses from PMS to gas-powered vehicles. This commitment to innovative solutions and progress demonstrates the governor’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for the people of Ogun state. By prominently displaying the official portrait in government offices, the governor aims to inspire a sense of pride and unity among public servants, fostering a shared vision for the state’s development.


For the convenience of the public, the official portrait can be downloaded from the Governor’s and State Government’s authorized social media accounts. This ensures that citizens and government officials alike can access and display the portrait, symbolizing their support for Governor Dapo Abiodun’s second tenure and their commitment to the progress and unity of Ogun state.

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