May 23, 2024

Chidoka Slams INEC as a ‘Monumental Disgrace’ for Failing to Transmit Election Results Electronically


By: Ologun Ayonitemi

Osita Chidoka, ex-Aviation Minister and PDP member, strongly criticizes INEC for not transmitting election results electronically during the 2023 polls.

Chidoka, during his appearance on Channels TV Politics Today on Sunday, expressed his disappointment with INEC’s failure to fulfill its promises regarding the Anambra, Ekiti, and Osun gubernatorial elections, describing it as a massive failure on a large scale.

He said “INEC is a monumental disgrace; it is an organization that I am ashamed to associate with as a Nigerian. They made promises with the Anambra, Ekiti, and Osun elections.”

“Before the elections, i called for third-party verification of the INEC system so that we are sure that on election day, what is going to happen that day would not lead to a glitch. On election day, INEC said there was a glitch.”

“Despite not testing the system, it is a shame that INEC went to court to argue that not complying with its regulations does not make it a ground to cancel an election.”

In addition, he emphasized that had INEC transmitted the results in real-time, there would be no need for parties to resort to legal action.

“If the results we saw from the polling unit were the same as what we saw at the collation centres, there would be no reason to be in court” chidoka said.

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