April 18, 2024

NPF Addresses Viral Video Incident, Educates Public on Harm of Misinformation



By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has responded to an old video that recently resurfaced on social media, showing officers engaging in misconduct towards members of the public in Emouha, Rivers State.


The NPF had previously addressed the incident, conducting an orderly room trial that resulted in the demotion of Inspector Adejoh Siaka and the reprimanding of Sergeant Ndiwa Kpuebari. Inspector Friday Obaka, who was not present at the scene, was discharged unconditionally. The NPF urges the public to disregard the video, cautioning against the spread of misinformation and the attempt to tarnish the reputation of the police force.


In a press statement issued by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, the NPF emphasizes the importance of verifying facts before making claims on social media. The video, which has been circulating as a new incident, is an attempt to generate a false impression about the police force and bring it into disrepute.


The NPF warns mischief makers to refrain from spreading unfounded claims and urges the public to rely on accurate information from official sources. “Let’s stay vigilant and ensure that we always verify facts before sharing them on social media.”

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