May 27, 2024

Ogun Women Affairs Commissioner Visits Wife of Blind Man Found With Dead Child


By JP Ashedzi


Motunrayo Adijat Adeleye,Commissioner for Women Affairs in Ogun State took to her X handle to disclose how she visited the home of Mrs. Aminatu, a mother who was discovered with a dead infant in the Abeokuta area of the state.


Mrs. Aminatu, whose husband is blind had given birth to the deceased child prematurely with underlying health problems.


The commissioner detailed the incident on her X page on Thursday, adding that adequate support would be given to the woman


Adeleye wrote, “Today, I received a call from #Letter_to_Jack concerning a distressing situation. A woman was found by the roadside, carrying her two-month-old child who was looking lifeless. My team and I immediately responded, but upon arrival, it was evident that the child had passed away.


“We then engaged with Mrs. Aminatu (the mother of the child), seeking to understand her circumstances. She led us to her family home, where we discovered her husband is blind, and the deceased child had been born prematurely with underlying health issues.


“Recognizing the dire situation, we resolved to provide support.


“I instructed my team to collect their details, and we are in the process of exploring ways to help Mrs. Aminatu set up a business to support her family, as she is the family’s sole provider.”

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