April 18, 2024

03′ Makun High School Alumni Celebrate 20-Year Reunion with Joyous Event



By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


In a heartwarming gathering, the 2003 set of Makun High School came together to celebrate their 20-year reunion at an event hall in Isale Oko, Sagamu. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as old friends and teachers reunited to reminisce about their cherished memories.

The event kicked off with a series of special moments, including the presentation of awards to their beloved former teachers and principal, recognizing their dedication and impact on the students’ lives. The alumni also witnessed the inauguration of new executives who will continue the legacy of their alma mater.


Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, Mrs. Odutayo, the former principal, took the stage to deliver a heartfelt speech. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to witness the growth and success of her former students. Mrs. Odutayo emphasized the importance of giving back to the school, encouraging everyone to continue supporting Makun High School and its future projects.


The event was a resounding success, with Chibuzor Ogbonna, the chairman of the organizing committee and newly elected president of the executive, expressing his appreciation for the overwhelming turnout. He urged his fellow alumni to maintain their strong bond and to always remember the values instilled in them during their time at Makun High School.


The reunion was a true testament to the enduring friendships and shared experiences that Makun High School has fostered over the years. As the celebration came to a close, the alumni left with hearts full of joy, promising to stay connected and continue making a positive impact on their beloved alma mater.

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