June 24, 2024

Nigerian Police Caution Against ‘No Gree for Anybody’ Slogan, Citing Potential for Crisis



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


The Nigerian Police Force has issued a stern warning against the popular slogan, ‘No Gree for Anybody,’ cautioning citizens that its usage could incite unrest and pose a potential threat to national security.


The phrase, which has gained widespread attention and is perceived by many as an assertion of personal conviction, is now under scrutiny by law enforcement.


Spokesperson for the police, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, conveyed the official stance during a press briefing on Wednesday. He disclosed that intelligence reports had raised concerns about the revolutionary undertones associated with the slogan, suggesting it could be a catalyst for nationwide disturbances.


Adejobi emphasized, “In the security community, we have seen it as a very dangerous slogan that can trigger crisis.” Despite its seemingly innocuous interpretation by some, the police view ‘No Gree for Anybody’ as a potential rallying cry for disruptive activities.


The slogan has not only permeated online platforms but has also found a physical presence, adorning clothes and various items with its distinct logo.


As the ‘No Gree for Anybody’ slogan gains popularity, the Nigerian Police Force issues a cautionary statement, expressing concern over its potential to incite unrest. The warning highlights the delicate balance between expressions of individual beliefs and the responsibility to safeguard public order and national security.

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