June 25, 2024

Lagos Government Urged to Enhance Security Following Rise in “One Chance” Attacks


By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


Following a recent “one chance” attack on a commuter in Lagos, concerns over the safety of citizens have escalated, prompting an urgent appeal to the Lagos government for enhanced security measures.


The victim, Mr. Kehinde, shared his harrowing experience, recounting how he fell victim to a group of criminals disguised as workers. The incident took place during the early hours today, Thursday 11th January 2024 at about 5am, as Mr. Kehinde was on his way to work. He emphasized that these attacks have become alarmingly frequent, with up to 20 individuals falling prey to this procedure daily.


“It was about 5am this morning going to work at Lekki from bergar bus stop. While I was rushing to hop on the next available private car going to Lekki/ Ajah axis, A non-tinted ash vehicle with two guys already seated in the back approached us, so I quickly rushed in to join them and another guy followed suit making four at the back. The driver said enter with your 800 Naira change, so I bargained to 700, he nodded and zoomed off. Although they were all dressed up like office workers, unknown to me that they were “one chance” people.


“ Halfway into the journey, they pinned me requesting for money, BVN, ATM card & its password, account number and other financial Information, requesting That I call my family for more money on the note that I’m being kidnapped.” Kehinde narrated, as he bitterly spoke to a Remotv correspondent.


He added that the presence of the law enforcement at one of the bus stops made them stop the car, then beat him up and rubbed a balm on his face before pushing him out of the vehicle.


Mr. Kehinde’s plea for increased security has resonated with many Lagos residents, particularly those who commute through areas like Berger and 7up under the bridge. These locations have been identified as hotspots for “one chance” attacks, as the criminals have expanded their operations beyond the island to the mainland during the early morning rush hour.


The urgency of the situation has prompted calls for immediate action from the Lagos government to protect its citizens from such incidents.


The appeal highlights the need for heightened police presence and surveillance in vulnerable areas, as well as improved coordination between law enforcement agencies to swiftly respond to such criminal activities.

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