April 18, 2024

Tragic Discovery of Deceased Toddler in Ogun Well Leads to Chaos, Injuries


By: Shabach Bako


In a heartbreaking incident that has left the community in shock, a missing one-year-old toddler, Janet Ajayi, was tragically found dead in a well in Itori town, Ewekoro Local Council of Ogun State.


The toddler had been missing since January 6, 2023, and her lifeless body was discovered floating in a well near her parents’ home. The devastating discovery led to chaos, with irate individuals allegedly attacking those believed to be residing in the property.


Janet’s mother, Daramola, had previously reported her daughter’s disappearance to the police. She had briefly stepped inside to retrieve some clothes for her daughter, only to return and find her precious child vanished. The news of Janet’s tragic fate has left the entire community deeply saddened and mourning the loss of such a young life.


The incident took a further distressing turn as the discovery led to a violent outbreak, resulting in three individuals being injured. The injured individuals are currently receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Additionally, against the advice of the police for an autopsy, the parents decided to remove the body for burial, potentially hindering the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Janet’s death.

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