July 21, 2024

Women Farmers Advocate for Federal Support to Boost Food Security



In a recent plea to the Federal Government, led by Enitan Onitiri, the National Woman of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), women farmers are urging collaboration for sustainable farming practices and enhanced food security. The farmers highlighted the critical need for government support in the form of inputs such as seedlings, livestock feeds, and fertilizer.


Speaking on behalf of the farmers in Abuja, Onitiri emphasized that without adequate support, achieving meaningful food production would be challenging. The women stressed the importance of targeted assistance, including access to land, inputs, financial resources, and policies promoting gender-inclusive agricultural practices.


With 80 percent of Nigeria’s farmers being women, they play a crucial role in agriculture and are committed to contributing significantly to the nation’s food production. Onitiri stated that the association is strategically aligning its programs to make food available, affordable, and accessible while creating jobs and reducing poverty among women and youths.


Directing her plea to President Bola Tinubu, Onitiri urged key agencies like the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), and the Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) to work directly with farmers, eliminating middlemen. She stressed the readiness of women farmers to work and export their produce, highlighting the challenges they face due to expensive feeds.


Omolara Abati Svensson, Special Assistant to the AFAN Women Leader, echoed the call for collaboration, emphasizing the resilience of grassroots women farmers. Svensson urged President Tinubu to direct key agencies to work closely with these farmers, acknowledging the challenges they face but expressing confidence that with government support, they can turn agriculture into a thriving sector.

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