April 18, 2024

OGWAMA Appeals for Community Efforts to Keep Ogun Clean, Flood-free During Rainy Season  



By: Shabach Bako


The Ogun State Waste Management

authority had earlier posted today, February 26th, 2024, urging residents to clean up their environment against improper waste disposal and its effect on Ogun’s waterways in preparation for the upcoming rainy season.


“As the rainy season approaches, it is important to remember the impact of improper waste disposal on our waterways. Let us make a conscious effort to keep our communities and drainages clean to prevent flooding and water pollution.

Together, we can ensure a safe and sustainable environment for all. Small actions make a big difference.”


The Director, Commercial Services, Ogun State Waste Management Authority. (OGWAMA), and the Ogun State Environmental Protection Agency are actively supporting this initiative.

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