May 27, 2024

Simplified Steps to Link NIN and BVN to Your Bank Account


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


The Central Bank of Nigeria has mandated all bank customers to link their National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN) to their accounts, aiming for enhanced security and compliance. The directive, issued in a circular on December 1, 2023, emphasized the importance of connecting Tier 1 bank accounts with valid identification or proof of address.

While certain banks set February 29, 2024, as a deadline, others remained silent on the timeframe. To facilitate this linkage, individuals can follow a few straightforward methods:

1. Via SMS:
Send a text containing BVN/NIN, your account number, and BVN/NIN number to the designated number or code provided by your service provider or bank.

2. Via Internet Banking:
Log in to your bank’s internet banking platform, choose the BVN/NIN option, initiate a new request, input your BVN/NIN, specify the bank of issuance, respond to secret questions, and follow the provided instructions.

3. Email Request:
Forward an email request to your designated account officer, seeking guidance on the BVN/NIN linkage.

4. Visit Your Bank:
Personally visit your nearest bank branch for assistance and guidance on linking your NIN and BVN to your account.

These streamlined methods ensure a hassle-free process, aligning with the regulatory requirement while promoting security and compliance within the banking sector.

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