April 17, 2024

Presidential Directive Prompts Cement Price Rollback: Dangote, BUA, and Others Urged to Revert


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


In response to the recent spike in cement prices, President Bola Tinubu has issued a directive instructing major cement companies, including Dangote and BUA, to revert to previous pricing structures, according to the Minister of Works, Dave Umahi. The minister conveyed this message after inspecting the BUA cement factory in Sokoto, underscoring the need for affordable pricing to facilitate a widespread housing program and advance the government’s renewed hope agenda.


Umahi emphasized the president’s insistence that cement companies return to the “status quo” to ensure affordability for the common man. Encouraging the companies to adhere to this directive, Umahi stressed the potential positive impact on initiatives like the massive housing program and the development of concrete roads.


Accompanied by Aminu Tambuwal, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Housing, Umahi commended the commitment of the cement companies and expressed confidence in the quality of their products, aligning with government objectives. He highlighted the government’s ambitious plan to construct 372 kilometers of dual carriageway from Zaria to Sokoto, incorporating both asphalt and concrete sections.


Umahi clarified that the initial phase of the road project would involve asphalt, while the subsequent 372 kilometers would be constructed with pure concrete, aligning with the renewed hope agenda of President Tinubu. Tambuwal underscored the crucial role of cement production in the housing sector, praising the collaboration between the government and BUA Cement. He anticipated that this partnership would significantly contribute to the government’s goal of providing affordable housing and addressing the substantial housing gap in the country.

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