July 16, 2024




Professor Abayomi Adelaja Arigbabu is the Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology Ogun State. He was the former vice-chancellor of Tai Solarin University of Education.

He was born on the 26th of July, 1962 (Aged 61).

He graduated from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a Master of Science in mathematics. Subsequently, he pursued his Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, Science, and Technology with a specialization in Mathematics Education at the esteemed University of South Africa, Pretoria. He has over thirty years of professional experience actively participating in strategic pedagogical planning. Additionally, he has numerous academic and scholarly publications to his name from both domestic and foreign sources. He serves as an external examiner and assessor for post-graduate courses and doctoral theses at universities both inside and outside of Nigeria. He has a unique talent for using technology in management, education, and learning.

Currently, he holds fellow memberships in the following professional associations: Southern Africa Association for Researchers in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education; Nigeria Mathematics Society; Mathematical Association of Nigeria; and Science Teachers AssociatioNigeria.8eria.

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