July 16, 2024

Breaking: Global Outage Strikes Meta’s Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram



Meta’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, are facing a widespread outage, as millions of users around the world unable to access their accounts earlier today, March 5, 2024,. The outage also extends to Meta’s internal systems, adding to the severity of the disruption.


users started to notice problems with their Facebook and Messenger accounts not logging in and logging out involuntarily. When users tried to log back in, even with the right credentials, they kept running into problems. The inability of Instagram users to update their feeds at the same time added to the annoyance of Meta’s user base.


While Meta has not yet provided specific details regarding the cause of the outage, it is speculated that internal system failures may be at the core of the issue. The extent and duration of the downtime remain uncertain, leaving users anxiously awaiting the restoration of normalcy to their social media experiences.

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