June 24, 2024

Peter Obi Expresses Grave Concerns Over Escalating Daily Terrorist Attacks in Nigeria



Peter Obi, the 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, has raised a poignant alarm over the incessant terrorist activities gripping Nigeria, emphasizing that the nation is hemorrhaging its economic vitality to the scourge of insecurity. Obi expressed deep concern as terrorist incidents have become a daily occurrence, casting a dark shadow over the country.


The former governor’s remarks were prompted by the recent tragic events in Ukum, Benue State, where approximately 50 individuals, including a family of seven, lost their lives in a militia gang clash. Additionally, reports surfaced of the abduction of over 100 internally displaced persons, predominantly women, by terrorists in Borno State.


In a statement shared on the ‘X’ platform, Peter Obi lamented the profound impact of these attacks on human lives and the pervasive influence of insecurity on the nation’s economic and social fabric. The frequency of such incidents, now nearly a daily ordeal, has raised alarms about the dangerous trajectory Nigeria is navigating, pushing it perilously close to anarchy.


Obi underscored the urgency of addressing this perilous slide into insecurity, calling for collective action to prevent the nation from succumbing to chaos. He expressed shock at revelations that farmers in northern Nigeria are allegedly paying bandits exorbitant sums, up to N100,000, for permission to farm, lest they face the risk of violent attacks.

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