May 27, 2024

Nigerian Government Prohibits Importation of Syringes, Needles in Tertiary Hospitals


The Federal Government has taken a decisive step to promote domestic production and shield the nation’s manufacturing sector by issuing a directive prohibiting the use of imported syringes and needles in Federal Tertiary Hospitals.


A circular addressed to all Chief Medical Directors (CMDs) and Medical Directors (MDs) of Federal Tertiary Hospitals, signed by the Minister of State for Health, Tunji Alausa, outlined the directive, emphasizing the procurement of needles and syringes solely from NAFDAC-approved local manufacturers.


Minister Alausa underscored the importance of halting the influx of foreign goods into the country’s health sector, highlighting the detrimental impact on local pharmaceutical industries. He lamented the decline in the number of local companies producing needles and syringes, attributing it to the influx of largely substandard foreign products.


“We all agreed to take the necessary steps to immediately remedy this sad situation,” Alausa stated, referring to President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive to address the issue. He further mandated NAFDAC to cease issuing licenses for the importation of foreign-manufactured needles and syringes, and to de-list companies involved in such importation going forward.

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