May 27, 2024

FG Plans Innovative Wage System Based on Productivity in Civil Service



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


The Federal Government has revealed plans to introduce an innovative wage system in the civil service, focusing on employees’ productivity as a determinant for salaries.


Director-General of the National Productivity Centre (NPC), Dr. Nasir Raji-Mustapha, disclosed this during an event in Abuja, emphasizing the importance of rewarding productive workers regardless of their grade level.


Dr. Raji-Mustapha explained that the proposed productivity-led wage system would allow employees on the same salary scale to earn different wages based on their productivity levels. This move, according to him, aligns with the government’s recognition of productivity as a crucial driver for economic growth.


In response to queries about labour’s involvement in the decision-making process, Dr. Raji-Mustapha affirmed that organised labour is a critical stakeholder in the development of this policy. He reiterated that the input of labour unions is integral to ensure fairness and transparency in implementing the productivity-led wage system.

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