June 15, 2024

Residents Of Sagamu Laments Over Persistent Bank Closure. 


By: Osayi Omorogbe


Until today, banks in Sagamu, Ogun State are still closed due to the protest that happened weeks back which resulted in banks getting burnt.


It was noticed that none of the banks ATM are working, Sagamites have had to bear the burden, as the Naira scarcity and bank closure has really affected them, This has resulted in low sales for Shop Owners and market sellers.


Speaking with our correspondent, one of the shop owners said, ” We have been experiencing low sales ever since this Naira scarcity and bank closure began, most customers who might want to buy something would like to make payment through transfer, but we most times do not receive them, and we will be running at a loss if after giving out our product we don’t receive payment”.


A customer who also spoke with our correspondent said he has been having issues with accessing his bank app or even using his ATM card as a result of some issues that can only be settled in the bank and unfortunately, banks in Sagamu are currently closed.


The people of Sagamu have pleaded that banks resume their normal operation, as the hardship they undergo daily is becoming unbearable.

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