April 20, 2024

Chief Ayanwale Installed as Olotu Ebi-Olutowo of Epe kingdom



By: Nayah


On Saturday, 23rd September, 2023, Epe Kingdom in Sagamu Ogun State, witnessed a vibrant and culturally rich celebration as Surv. Kolawole Lawrence Ayanwale, FNIS received the Chieftain Title of OLOTU EBI of the OLUTOWO RULING HOUSE, ushering in a new era of leadership in this historic Remoland community. This Chieftain Title represents one who is the father/head of a family.

Chief Ayanwale Installed as Olotu Ebi-Olutowo of Epe kingdom
Chief Ayanwale Installed as Olotu Ebi-Olutowo of Epe kingdom

The day started with early morning prayers at the house of the celebrant. The prayers were hosted by two pastors of very close relations to the celebrant.


It then moved on to the coronation ceremony, which held at the revered Elepe Palace, where dignitaries, residents, and well-wishers from far and wide gathered to witness this auspicious event. The festivities commenced at 11am, with colorful processions, and the rhythmic beats of the traditional drums echoing through the streets of Epe. The event was presided over by elders and revered spiritual leaders who prayed blessings for a prosperous reign.


The installation of Chief Surv. Ayanwale was met with widespread jubilation as community members and well-wishers congratulated him on his new role. This is a role that the celebrant had long-embodied before he was honored with the traditional title. Every person affiliated with him testified to his kind, patient and loving nature.


After the coronation ceremony, festive feasts, music, and dance continued both at the Elepe Palace and the home of the new chief, with the family and friends coming together to celebrate this occasion. Some guests present were Prince Musliu Oriyomi Soile, as Radanuwa Idado, Alhaji Nureni Soine president, Arch. Sunday Adetayo Ayodele, among many others.


As Chief Ayanwale begins his journey as the head of the OLUTOWO ruling house, his installation represents a symbol of unity and continuity in a rapidly changing world. The people of Epe kingdom look forward to a future guided by their new chief, rooted in tradition yet embracing progress.

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