May 27, 2024

CSJ, USAID-SCALE Collaborate to Enhance Health Rights, Financing in Nigeria

CSJ, USAID-SCALE Collaborate to Enhance Health Rights, Financing in Nigeria

CSJ, USAID-SCALE Collaborate to Enhance Health Rights, Financing in Nigeria


The United States Agency for International Development, (USAID)Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a Civil Service Organization, has gained support from the Strengthening Civil Advocacy and Local Engagement Program (SCALE) and is now executing a project titled, “Improving the Realization of the Right to Health service in Nigeria “.

As part of the program implementation, CSJ plans to hold a town hall meeting on the establishment of a Health Development Bank, as well as innovative and alternative funding of the health sector including increases in the percentage funding of the Basic Health Care Provision Fund; dedication of special taxes like the sugar tax to healthcare.

The objectives of the Health Development Bank include: setting the benchmarks and standards for non-budgetary medium and long-term funding of feasible and bankable developments in the health sector, and improving the health sector’s contribution to Nigeria’s gross domestic product.

It is also about mobilizing sustainable financing and improving access to capital for universal health coverage for the public and private sector; providing access to high quality, reasonably priced health infrastructure, and care and reducing losses from outbound health tourism; and supporting the harnessing of economies of scale in health sector investments.

According to a statement from CSJ released by Journalists for Public Health and Development Initiative (J4PD), Key areas of investment would include state-of-the-art reference hospitals and highly efficient mono-specialty hospitals as well as laboratories, diagnostics equipment, maintenance, and infrastructure.

It will also invest in the manufacture and production of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals especially, to improve upstream research and production, production of intermediaries and active pharmaceutical ingredients and recipients; research initiatives leading to the reduction of disease burden; local manufacture of health devices and commodities.

Furthermore, investments will target the promotion of low-carbon health service delivery infrastructure and climate-resilient health facilities leveraging technology and innovation, and developing health financing advisory services and critical analytical skills to facilitate credit transactions, enhance equity, value for money, and fitness of purpose in the health sector.

Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is a Nigerian Knowledge Institution, established with the vision of a Nigeria where social justice informs public decision-making and guarantees respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

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