June 15, 2024

Remo Youth Association Takes Stand Against Drug Abuse and Cultism, Inspiring Change in Local Schools


By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


In a display of determination and commitment, the Remo Youth Association (RYA) recently embarked on a campaign to combat drug abuse and cultism in the local community.


As part of the activities for Remo Day 2023, the RYA took their message to Ode Remo High School and Ijagba Community High School in Sotubo, leaving a lasting impact on the students and the community.

Led by the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Comrade Gbolade Sesan, the RYA team, accompanied by Comr. Muyiwa Osularu, the General Secretary of RYA, and Comr. Akande Ifedayo, the Secretary of the Planning Committee, arrived at the schools ready to make a difference. Their mission was to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and cultism, and to educate the students on the importance of making positive choices for their future.

The campaign was met with great enthusiasm and support from the students. Through interactive discussions, presentations, and engaging activities, the RYA team effectively conveyed their message, encouraging the students to reject harmful behaviors and embrace a path of personal growth and success.


The impact of the campaign was evident as the students expressed their newfound understanding and commitment to a drug-free and cultism-free community. The Remo Youth Association’s efforts have raised awareness and empowered the youth to make informed decisions and inspire positive change.


With their dedication and passion, the RYA continues to be a driving force in creating a safer and more prosperous future for Remo and beyond.

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