May 20, 2024

Otega Lights Up Backdoor Lounge in Ikenne-Remo: A Night of Star-studded Performances


The air in Backdoor Lounge buzzed with anticipation on December 23, 2023, as it played host to a momentous event— “Otega Live in Backdoor.” The newly opened lounge, nestled in the heart of Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State, became the center of attention.


The charismatic Wonder Boi took the stage as the official hype man, setting the energetic tone for the night. Adding to the excitement, the guest hype man, Sunnywhyte, brought his flair to the show, creating an electric atmosphere.

The main attraction, celebrity artist Otega, graced the stage, turning the evening into an unforgettable spectacle. Before Otega’s performance, a lineup of talented upcoming artists captivated the audience, setting the stage for a night of musical enchantment.

Guests, who eagerly poured into the lounge, were not disappointed. The ambiance of Backdoor Lounge proved to be a perfect complement to the evening’s festivities, with its chic decor and impeccable service.


Attendees, many of whom invested in premium tables, were rewarded with an immersive experience, affirming their trust in the venue’s commitment to delivering exceptional value. Tables at the venue became a premium commodity, and attendees willingly parted with their money, knowing that the promise of Otega live in action was worth every penny.


The fusion of vibrant performances, a pulsating crowd, and the stylish ambiance of Backdoor Lounge created a night to be remembered in Ikenne-Remo. Backdoor Lounge has undoubtedly secured its place as a premier entertainment destination, leaving an indelible mark on the local social scene with the success of “Otega Live in Backdoor.”

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