June 15, 2024

Police Apprehend 3 for forgery, extortion, and counterfeiting Nigeria Police Character Certificate


The Nigeria Police Force has arrested three individuals involved in the forgery, extortion, and counterfeiting of Nigeria Police Character Certificates.


The suspects, Chinedu Agbosim, Mariam Dauda, and Ebighose Anderson, were reportedly engaged in processing fake police character certificates at a side shop located near the Federal Training Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.


The arrest was confirmed by ASP Aminat Mayegun, the Public Relations Officer of the Federal Criminal Investigation Department, Alagbon Lagos. The operation was initiated on November 16, 2023, following a report from a victim whose counterfeit certificate was exposed during a visa application at the UK Embassy. The victim faced a 10-year ban from entering the country after the fake document was identified.


Mayegun highlighted the recovery of evidence during a search warrant execution, including three counterfeit Police Character Certificates, relevant documents belonging to Nigerian citizens, a computer-generated signature specimen, and a document bearing the superimposed signature of CP Ndu, I.M., the former CCR. The suspects, including shop owner Chinedu Agbosim and computer operators Mariam Dauda and Ebighose Anderson, have admitted to their involvement in the illicit operation. They are expected to face legal charges in court soon.

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