June 24, 2024

Police Intensify Efforts to Recover Stolen Vehicle After Robbery Attack in Sagamu



By: Shabach Bako


Following the report of a stolen vehicle in Sagam by hoodlums late night of January 20, Police operatives in Ogun State are intensifying efforts to recover a stolen property.


The Toyota Camry (commonly known as ‘Muscle’) with registration number 269JH Lagos was stolen while the owner was entering his house. The victim faced a robbery attack, during which he was threatened with a gun, physically assaulted, and had vital documents and valuables taken.


The Divisional Police Officer in Sagamu, Ogun state swiftly responded to the incident, and the anti-robbery team cordoned off the area. Checkpoints alerted, and a communication department informed other divisions in the state to initiate an aggressive stop-and-search operation for the stolen vehicle’s recovery. The public is urged to contact the nearest police station with any information that could assist in recovering the stolen vehicle.

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