July 21, 2024

Remo Divisional High School ’84 Set Celebrates 40th Year Anniversary with Informative Seminar


By: Ibitoye Emmanuel


Today, 9th of February 2024, marked a momentous occasion as the ’84 set of Remo Divisional High School, affectionately known as “The Legends,” gathered at the school hall to commemorate their 40th-year anniversary. The event, organized by the Old Students’ Association, unfolded with an air of nostalgia, joy, and a shared spirit of camaraderie.


The celebration commenced promptly at 11 am, with guests streaming into the venue. The ’84 alumni, clearly elated, embraced one another with warm hugs and exchanged hearty greetings, relishing the opportunity to reconnect after four decades.

The centerpiece of the anniversary celebration was a seminar featuring distinguished speakers representing various fields. Dr. Okuns Ohiosiumuan, a renowned gynecologist, took the stage first, delivering an enlightening talk on “Embracing Wellness and Myths around Sex as We Grow Older.” The presentation delved into the crucial aspects of holistic well-being for individuals in their later years, tackling prevalent myths and fostering open dialogue on sexual health. The session concluded with an engaging question and answer segment, allowing attendees to seek personalized insights from the accomplished doctor.

Following Dr. Ohiosiumuan’s insightful discourse, Kehinde Osibona, an esteemed advocate, addressed the audience on the critical topic of “Wills, Inheritance Laws, and Custom.” Osibona emphasized the significance of having a well-drafted will, particularly in navigating uncertainties during old age. His talk provided valuable insights into the legal aspects of inheritance planning, sparking thoughtful consideration among the alumni.


The final session of the seminar featured representatives from Stanbic IBTC Bank, shedding light on “Managing Finances and Preserving Wealth for Retirement.” This segment offered practical advice on financial planning, ensuring a secure and comfortable retirement for the esteemed ’84 set.


Each talk session was punctuated by an interactive question and answer period, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas between the speakers and the engaged audience.


As the seminar drew to a close, the ’84 set of Remo Divisional High School continued to bask in the glow of shared memories, newfound knowledge, and strengthened connections. The event stands as a testament to the enduring bond among “The Legends,” celebrating not just the passage of time, but the wisdom gained and shared over 40 remarkable years.

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