June 24, 2024

Gridlock on Sagamu-Benin-Ore Express Road as Heavy Downpour Causes Chaos


By: Oluwapelumi Ogunleye


A chaotic traffic situation has been reported on the Sagamu-Benin-Ore Express Road, following a heavy downpour earlier today. The torrential rain has caused widespread flooding, leading to a breakdown in traffic flow and a disregard for traffic lanes.

Transporters and commuters have been forced to scramble for alternative routes, resulting in a breach of traffic rules and regulations.


Road users are advised to seek alternative routes or follow established traffic procedures to avoid further congestion. Meanwhile, commuters have appealed to the government to find a lasting solution to the recurring problem, which causes significant damage to vehicles and disrupts regular transportation whenever it rains.

The heavy erosion caused by the rain has become a persistent menace, and residents are calling for urgent action to address the issue.

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