February 28, 2024




Where the sanity of the Country is headed to, I know not, but what I for a fact know is that, unless drastic disciplinary actions are set in place, decency is road bound to the brink of annihilation.

Abominable atrocities which hitherto were completely condemned and frowned at have gradually become normalized, Wrong seems to have become the new right.

How on earth will a set of people who are considered mentally stable and sane engage in sexual intercourse, film themselves, and leak it for the Entire world to see just because they are chasing after fame, trends, validation, and popularity?

I bet our forefathers never envisioned, that a time will ever come when in the history of a once morally upright country like ours, we will be discussing this as it pertains to a threat to the moral upbringing of the younger generation.

But here are at a crossroad, fighting insecurity, nepotism,corruption, religious bigotry, high rate of poverty, unemployment, Natural disasters in the country, while the core values of our traditions that make us stand apart from the Western world gradually rots away.

But do I blame our entertainers, who ought to know better and do better?? Do I blame Bobrisky, who a week ago leaked his sex tape?? Or do I blame James Brown who after doing the same the weeks prior still came out to play the “victims card” and tried to play on the intelligence of Nigerians?

NO! My blame goes beyond just the celebrities.

A vast majority of us share in the allocation of blames, for we have actively played a massive role in promoting and advertising this “ailment” that has besought some of our celebrities.

I call it an “ailment” because it connotes a binormal, a shift in the Natural order of things.

How we receive this PORNOGRAPHIC contents when it hits our media space, plays a role in its continuity.

In a dispensation whereby people thrive on scandalous affairs and news, nudes and sex tapes of these “celebrities” are received with wide, open, expectant arms, with the motive of ridiculing and body-shaming those who are perceived as victims and Center of attraction

You see comments like” I am still waiting for the nudes, share it to us” this sharing when done, be it consciously or unconsciously, it gives them the exact PUBLICITY they have been gunning for in the first place.

Bloggers use it as a means to generate social traffic on their websites, imperatively, it is used as a COMMERCIAL COMMODITY that brings monetary gains

What can be done to eradicate this vile trend?

The government should sanction offenders, subjecting them to punishment and payment of fines when it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the supposed victims of leaked tapes are the mastermind behind it exposure to the public.

Do not commercialize or by any chance promote the publicity of Nudism, deny the clout chasers what they seek for the most.

Report perverts! Do not be a pervert! Respect the privacy of other people and shun blackmail.

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