May 22, 2024

Man arrested in Sagamu for allegedly raping a minor

On Sunday, 8th of January 2023, a man popularly known as Mr. Green was arrested by the men of Sakura police station division for allegedly raping a minor who visited his place of residence for financial assistance. is a resident of green Obayinka street, Aiyepe road Sagamu, a street named after his late father. Complaints have been made about him in time past about his unacceptable attitude in the community Among which is constant smoking, fights, disagreement, and others.


Following an alarm raised by neighbors on Sunday, the men of Nigeria police were contacted after Mr. Green was caught forcefully having intercourse with a minor who came to his house to ask for financial assistance. According to witnesses, that would not be the first time Mr. green will be indulging in such unlawful act.


Speaking to a witness who claimed anonymity, he said” I was just seated in front of my house on Sunday when I suddenly heard shouts of people saying Mr. green has been caught again, and this time, men of Nigeria police have been invited to arrest him”


“This is not his first time. He’s fond of constituting nuisance in the community, and he is a known drunkard. I’m happy he’s been arrested, and I hope the authority makes him face the wrath of the law and consequences of his offense’ he added.


The Victim was immediately taken to the hospital for medical treatment and attention, and she’s reported to be in a stable condition.

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