April 18, 2024

Hon. Dre Foundation’s 4th Edition of Ramadan Lecture Impresses with Focus on Patience

By: Emmanuel Ibitoye

The Damilare Mohammed Bello Foundation (DMB) organized the 4th Edition Ramadan Lecture on Monday, April 1st 2024, focusing on the theme of Patience, which attracted a diverse range of dignitaries and community leaders. The event, held opposite the palace of H.R.H Oba S. A. Bello, the Legunsen of Ilupeju, Offin Sagamu, showcased a blend of faith, scholarship, and communal engagement.

Hon. Omooba Damilare Bello, Member of the Ogun State House of Assembly representing Sagamu Constituency 1 Offin and Chairman of the House Committee on Public Account and Anti-Corruption, spearheaded the initiative through the DMB Foundation.

Alh. Mikail Adesanya (Alatunse), an esteemed scholar with B. A and M.A degree in Islamic Studies delivered a captivating lecture on the significance of patience. His insightful discourse resonated with the audience, emphasizing the virtues of endurance and perseverance in navigating life’s challenges.

The event witnessed the presence of prominent figures, including Grand Chief Imam of Remo Land,Fadheelat sheik Alhaji Al-Imam Abdul Quadri Yussuf Jinadu, and Spiritual Father, Mufasir of Remo Land, Fadeelat Sheik ALH. Issa. O Melu. Guest artist, Hadji Yasir (Akorin Oba), provided uplifting performances.

Also in attendance were Hon. Lukeman Adeleye, representing Odogbolu Constituency, Hon. Owoade Wasiu, serving Ijebu East State Constituency, Hon. Mohammed Dre Bello, of Sagamu Offin 1 State Constituency, Alhaji Apelogun (Accomoran General Chairman), Asiwaju Bolarinwa Oluwole (ABO), Hon. Nosiru Elewedu, Hon. Later Muibi Abana, Hon. Jamiu Oyenuga Jasper, and Hon. Waliu Balogun.

The lecture prompted profound reflections on the importance of patience, resilience, and communal solidarity. Participants commended the DMB Foundation for organizing the event and expressed appreciation for the enlightening discourse delivered by Alh. Mikail Adesanya.

As the curtains drew on the 4th Edition Ramadan Lecture on Patience, Offin Sagamu stands enriched and inspired, united in its commitment to faith, perseverance, and collective progress.

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