February 27, 2024


The yearly breast cancer awareness campaign organised by Adron Homes and Properties has commenced with the screening of women for prevention and treatment of the deadly disease.

The real estate firm said in a statement given on Thursday that with Nigeria experiencing hundreds of cancer cases each year, the company would play its part on the public, especially women with breast cancer.

The Executive Director of Adron Homes, Aderonke King, said this year’s screening would focus on the well-being of the workforce and clients, particularly the females as research indicates that women are more vulnerable.

Aderonke said the firm would be partnering with Pink Clinic on the awareness and screening campaign, which educates participants about breast cancer and how to reduce their risk of developing the disease.

She said, “We at Adron Homes believe that health is wealth, and that is why we have brought the breast cancer awareness campaign in-house because our female staff is at the center of our organization, and we uphold equal work opportunities.“ As the most prevalent type of cancer, breast cancer continues to rank as the fifth-highest cause of cancer death worldwide”.

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