July 21, 2024

Matthew uchenna Solomon Dupes Adeniyi Osho of N900,000 by Criminal Posing as Car Seller in Sagamu


In a shocking incident, a man named Adeniyi Osho has fallen victim to a heartbreaking fraud in which he was swindled out of N900,000 by a man named Matthew Uchenna Solomon claiming to sell a car.


The prime suspect in this case, identified as Matthew Uchenna Solomon, deceived Osho under the pretense of selling him a vehicle for a friend who was in dire need of money. However, since Osho handed over the money on February 20th, 2024, both the cash and the car have vanished into thin air as Solomon remains on the run.


Osho, a resident of Sagamu as well as Matthew uchenna Solomon who was his co worker in a factory on Sagamu interchange of Sagamu-benin expressway had been searching for a suitable pre-owned car for several weeks. Unfortunately, his search led him to Matthew Uchenna Solomon, his colleague at work,who claimed to possess the perfect vehicle a friend wants to sell. Offering a seemingly legitimate deal, Solomon convinced Osho to part with

900,000 upfront, promising to finalize the sale and deliver the car.

However, since the money has been paid according to a senior brother of the complainant,on February 20th, Solomon disappeared without a trace. Osho began to fear the worst when his repeated attempts to contact Solomon were futile. Realizing that he had been conned, he immediately reported the incident to the local police station.


Authorities have launched a manhunt to apprehend Matthew Uchenna Solomon and recover the stolen money and vehicle. Investigators suspect that this may not be his first fraudulent act; therefore, they urge any other victims to come forward and assist in the investigation.

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